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Coming Soon Update…
by greenpear

With the holidays done it's time to concentrate on doing more art. I've got 1 1/2 pages to do to finish the One Multiverse Among Many storyline. Work has begun on the next character, Fly-Man. Seems there were more than enough heroes which were shrunken down, each with their own bizarre origin story. But as with the current book, those origins will be somewhat revamped. I've done basic plotting on all five of the next characters origins and how they will blend into the current multiverse. Each additional character creates more work, mostly how to keep them all straight.

I've lerarned much in creating this first story, not the least is attempting to handling an esamble cast. Everything I read told me the difficulties that a writer can be presented with. I think I encountered every one of them. Unfortunately, I didn't solve all of them. As I said, this was part of my learning experience. I will strive to correct some of the errors that crept into the story with multiple leads and construct a better story.

I would like to hear from anyone who has a comment or question regarding the book. Always interested in hearing for other artists.

All Fonts Are Not Created Equal
by greenpear

New Font

After some complaints with the font I was using (and some of the experimentation on early pages) I found a new font that has much better readability. I am going through all previous pages and replacing the font(s) I used when I started this book. Probblems occur since the new font has different kerning and leading than the original fonts. I tried mostly to keep the font the same point size but an additional problem occurred from change the dimensions of the artboard I was using. I started out with the artboard being the same size as my final page. Using vector artwork, the size of the original didn't matter.

Or so I thought. When learning to construct my brush set, one thing that was never mentioned was properly setting the initial size of the artboard. If your artboard is too small, then the normal point size of the brush ends up being huge. That forces you to change it to the fractional sizes to get finer lines. You can't get a brush to default to anything less than 1 point. So I learned that making a huge artboard allowed for my standard brushes to be small and I would end up only enlarging them. Sadly, I found that I should have gone twice the size that I did. I will do this for the next book as I found changing things in the middle of project can cause unforseen problems down the road.

Newly formatted pages will start to go up today.

Post Schedule And New Characters
by greenpear

Book One

Book one is scheduled for complettion in six weeks with the plan of posting one new page per week. After that will be a break while I write and storyboard the next book.

Book Two

Book two will be a series of shorter stories in the vein of many Golden Age stories. It will consist of multiple six to seven page origin stories to bring in the next cast of characters. Many of the characters during that time ran with that length of stories and which also included their first adventure.

New characters include:








  Fearless Flint







  Spider Queen














  Bozo, the Iron Man







Posting will begin as pages get finished with a posting of a page per week. There will be update and announcement posts made to the comic page.

Earth P.D. begins
by greenpear

Welcome to my Marvelous reimagining of public domain superheroes. Those wonderful one and two dimensional characters that filled the pages of many a golden age comics. This the Earth P.D. (Public Domain) project bringing more character building and sensible stories to characters who originally were deemed throw aways. Each story will build upon the previous ones compiling many separate worlds into one unified and structured multiverse. It's a time-comsuming chore but I have the time.

If anyone wants to find out more about these characters, I can point them to my information source. Some are difficult to plod through but there are also some hidden gems. And that's what gave me the inspiration to create this comic.