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Cast of Characters

This is a continuing list of characters introduced in the stories. Major characters will have a link to an infosheet, minor characters will contain only a short bio. 

NOTE: All links to Infosheets open up new tabs.


The Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Now a grown woman she is the assistant to Dr. Haunt. Along with the Cheshire Cat (or Tiger as he prefers) they perform various errands when needed for Dr. Haunt and his associates. Alice in Wonderland infosheet


Blue Flame

In his six pages of story not much is known about him. His name is unknown, his city is unknown, his social life is unkknown. He does know two Irish cops though. Blue Flame infosheet


Cheshire Cat

The grinning cat from Wonderland doesn't grin so much as snarl and roar. Used primarily as transportation system as he's not really vicious. Alice and Cheshire Cat infosheet



Originally, Cora was unfazed when Echo recovered from the blackjack to the head. But when he died, she broke down in grief and madness. She now has an attitude with everyone is now a manic-depressive. Cora infosheet


Dottie (mauled/disabled)

Plymo's girlfriend who the circus owner trapped in the lion caged. When Plymo made the decision to go after the circus owner, instead of looking for Dottie, she was mauled by the lions. She survived but Plymo now blames himself for her injuries.


Dr. Doom

The brother of Echo and Cora. He survived the ordeal that killed Echo and is now the only person Cora trusts. Dr. Doom infosheet


Dr. Hale (deceased)

Scientist and partner of Dr. Malicky whose experiments supposedly brought Zoro, The Purple Zombie, back to life. Dr. Hale died while flying his plane to meet up with Purple Zombie for the assault on the death ray. Originally, Purple Zombie deflected the ray from Dr. Hale but in the changed multi-verse, the ray struck and killed Dr. Hale.


Dr. Haunt

Originally a narrator of horror stories. In reality, a mystical being of great power. Dr. Haunt infosheet


Echo (deceased)

Echo used the invisibility belt and radioactive ring to ring crime, he received one too many hits to the head and the one, where he originally survived, died with Dr. Doom tending him.



Moletta's Number One. In the originally story, he betrayed Moletta when she had an affection for Congo King but was unfazed when Moletta took a fancy to Blue Flame for the sole purpose of making red-haired babies.


Moletta, Queen of the Molemen

The ruler of an secret underground city, the Molemen were a more peaceful race. After the merging, their hostility grew and they gained a thirst for conquest of the surface world. Moletta infosheet


Purple Zombie

A convict brought to Drs. Hale and Malinsky to experiment on. Their treatments, added to the electricity from the electric chair, gave Zoro his incredible strength. Purple Zombie infosheet


Plymo the Rubber Man

It's unknown how he gained his powers or other threats he may had encountered. His bad decision to capture the circus owner instead of finding Dottie has changed his attitude toward combating evils. Plymo the Rubber Man infosheet



Plymo, in his only appearance, picked up a kid sidekick.