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Comic 68 - SQDS-page 4
20th Aug 2017, 10:10 AM in Spider Queen-Dr Styx
SQDS-page 4
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Author Notes:
dave columbus edit delete
dave columbus
I'm finally back. The prep and recovery from the con was more tiring than I thought.

We find Spider Queen deciding to confront the Mist after Blue Flame told her she wasn't ready. And obviously she's got a long way to go with that witty banter that another web-slinger is known for. But then again, not every hero is can think on their feet that fast.

The Mist is a giant leap up from the muggers and petty criminals Spider Queen is used to and she finds out the hard way what this type of villain is capable of.

I guess she also finds out how inadequate her costume is for this line of work. I also wondered why several other heroines wore wigs while crime-fighting. Besides being easily dislodged, wigs can trap a lot of body heat and make the wearer uncomfortable.

But why is the Man In Black so adamant that Spider Queen fail so badly. Just more questions about him and Haunt that need answered.