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Comic 38 - Secret Origins-Page 3
15th Mar 2017, 2:51 PM in Secret Origins
Secret Origins-Page 3
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Author Notes:
dave columbus edit delete
dave columbus
Clip begins to realize that the experiment has gone wrong. But he doesn't have time to think about that as the mobster, Billy, has come to his dad's lab to steal the shrinking machine. Without thinking of the consequences, Clip springs into action.

I've been experimenting with distressing techniques in Illustrator and Photoshop to reflect it's a 1940s style look. Difference creep in when converting a 300dpi TIFF file into a 72dpi JPG. Pages may change due to this experimentation. I will endeavor to solve this situation as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.
User comments:
Jay042 edit delete reply
Yeah the Moire effect when down scaling patterns can be a problem. Seen plenty of would be manga artists around here running into the same issue.
dave columbus edit delete reply
dave columbus
I've been testing angles for the colors and find some relief if I steer clear of two angles being at 0˚, 45˚, 90˚, etc. I keep my black at 45˚ as is the standard angle in printing. But Illustrator defaults the Yellow to 90˚ and that's where the moire effect popped in.