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Comic 44 - Secret Origins-Page 9
26th Apr 2017, 9:10 AM in Secret Origins
Secret Origins-Page 9
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Author Notes:
dave columbus edit delete
dave columbus
Reminder: This is the second story of book two. You can use the archive to locate the start of book two.

Grant is taken to Valhalla by the god of Thunder and Lightning. He's apprehensive and sacred and his fear does not allow him to object. But Thor is sure he will make a fine Thor.

This story deviates from the original (Marvel and Fox). Marvel's had Thor find the can (hammer) in a cave in Norway. Fox had Thor visit Grant in his hotel room. A combination of the two resulted in Grant finding Thor's portal in a cave in Arizona. Well from page 2 it seems that The Man in Black assisted in Grant finding that cave. Which, by the way, was handily the hiding place of the Stonemen.

Golden age comics were not known for deep, far-reaching thinking in their plots and sub-plots and due to lack of page length, some items were just handed to characters on a silver platter.

This page marks another experiment with the distressing process. I've streamlined it and it seems to be working much better. It's also much quicker.