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Comic 46 - Secret Origins-Page 11
4th May 2017, 11:28 AM in Secret Origins
Secret Origins-Page 11
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Author Notes:
dave columbus edit delete
dave columbus
And our second 5-page origin comes to an end. It is quite interesting working in the confines of five pages. Makes it necessary for many 9+ panel pages. And I still wish the colors looked more natural here but we're dealing with how a CMYK printing process looks in an RGB world. They just don't match up.

As you can guess, Thor kicks the badguy's butts. There's also a cameo from the Phenomenal Phour hinting you'll be seeing them together at some time in the future.Wouldn't be much of a crossover event if everyone just stayed in their own stories.

Production has been stepped up and I will be putting pages out when they are finished, not waiting till the Wednesday of the the following week. More background into the larger events will addressed, but only a hinting at. A full explanation will be forthcoming in future issues.