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Comic 47 - Secret Origins-Page 12
12th May 2017, 12:02 PM in Secret Origins
Secret Origins-Page 12
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dave columbus edit delete
dave columbus
It's back to Nightshade and the Unreality Zone. A place in the Earth P.D. multi-verse that it's shunned by just about everyone. Nightshade has come to the world of Fletcher Hanks, possibly one of the more bizarre artists of the entire golden age. Why would anyone come to this place? What could she possibly be looking for? We're still waiting to find out why Dr. Haunt sent her there.

NOTE: I made some alterations in the storyboards. The only effect this will have on what has been posted is a reordering of some of the pages. The interlude segments will be interspersed between the origin stories. This will take place upon completion of the next Interlude segment. Nothing else will be added or deleted.