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Comic 54 - Secret Origins-Page 19
5th Jun 2017, 5:06 AM in Secret Origins
Secret Origins-Page 19
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Author Notes:
dave columbus edit delete
dave columbus
Last origin story of the book and the the last five page story I think I want to do. It was a learning experience but now that's done, I'll go back to the longer formats.

Fearless Flint was a serial story of sorts but was really another "by-the-numbers" storytelling. Just like Bozo. The same things happened every issue. The divergence here is on his first adventure Jack (Fearless Flint) gets blamed for the deaths of the natives he was investigating. He is not on the run from the law trying to clear his name.

Sounds a bit like the TV show that starred that great big green monster. But really that show was just a rehash of an older show, The Fugitive.

Ain't never nothing new.