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Comic 59 - Secret Origins-Page 24
29th Jun 2017, 4:00 AM in Secret Origins
Secret Origins-Page 24
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Author Notes:
dave columbus edit delete
dave columbus
We come to the end of the Secret Origins book. We had four five-page origin stories (which were some of the most difficult material I've had to write). It must have been difficult to jam everything you needed into five pages. No wonder there were so many panels and so much dialogue.

But Interlude-4 concludes Nightshade's reconnaissance into the world of Fantomah. It could have ended badly but both she and the Cottingley Fairy got out alive.Reading through the Fletcher Hanks material I thought this would have been a simple set of pages to do. I found out that this belied the difficulty in duplicating some of the backgrounds.

At the end of the second book I'm getting more comfortable with Illustrator and will be ready to tackle more complex layouts, coloring, and shading patterns.

The inside back cover (ibc) and back cover (bc) will follow shortly. This will include a preview to issue three.