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Comic 63 - SQDS-network
17th Jul 2017, 10:10 AM in Spider Queen-Dr Styx
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Author Notes:
dave columbus edit delete
dave columbus
Not a new page to the book but something you might find interesting.

While doing the writing chore for issue #3 in-between all the prep work and printing for the con, I decided to see what the social network of issues #1 and 2 would look like. It's something left over from my days at the Institute for Software Research doing network analysis.

This is a fairly small network but remember, this is from only two books. And the first one I wasn't really pushing many new characters like I did in issue #2.

So the blue lines are links in issue #1 and the red lines are links in issue #2. These types of charts make it easier to see which characters are connected to other characters and in what manner.

I will probably update this chart for inclusion in the printed copy of issue #3. That is if both time allows me and it the network hasn't gotten so thick with new characters it becomes impossible to see anything. That can happen with very populated networks.

And the background? It's one of Ditko's alternate dimensions ne was so fond of drawing.