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Comic 64 - SQDS-page 1
29th Jul 2017, 10:00 AM in Spider Queen-Dr Styx
SQDS-page 1
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Author Notes:
dave columbus edit delete
dave columbus
I'm trying to get a page of three out before the con. Hopefully one of them will be the inside front cover with the "The Story So Far…"

here be the first page to the Spider Queen, the spider-like superheroine from the golden age with web shooters predating Spider-Man by over 20 years. So there is nothing new, right?

I was actually able to spend more time with the script than either of the two previous issues and the story should show a marked narrative improvement. It was slightly difficult in I attempted to squish a 21-page Spider-Man story into a 14-page Spider Queen story. Certain concessions were made, things were dropped, and what is left stands by itself fairly well.

So most of the major players are introduced, Spider Queen, Front-Page Peggy (from issue #2), the Blue Flame, and of course the Mist. Don't worry, he'll get to speak when he arrives in the book.

Regarding the artwork, one of the reasons for the delay was my working out the kinks of the new Ben-Day dot system. It's entirely new and works much better than the patters I was using. They are also 1000% more flexible. If you notice the skin tones, they now consist of small red dots (although in the JPG they appear as an old brown. But that's RGB for you. Also the lines in the Mist's cape are done with my new patterned Ben-Day lines. Ten times quicker than the old system of making lines and then doing a clipping path.

Page 2 is rough penciled and should be going to ink in the next day or so. If nothing goes wrong with the con prep, there should be three pages done before August 11th.

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