Comic 75 - SQDS-page 11
22nd Oct 2017, 11:11 AM in Spider Queen-Dr Styx
SQDS-page 11
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Author Notes:
dave columbus edit delete
dave columbus
First thing, Prepping for a comicon is a lot of work. I'll be on a better schedule after December 10th.

Blue Flame, with the help of the Man in Black, is aware the his new darling, Spider Queen, is doing what he told her not to. Maybe if he wasn't so condescending to women they might actually listen.

So now the fight begins in ernest. Mist is now ready and intends to kill her for the affront of hitting him. And it appears he's probably going to finish her off… without giving her that "promised" spanking.
User comments:
Jay042 edit delete reply
When it comes to wardrobe malfunctions, I'm surprised you didn't decide to use the Black Orchid
dave columbus edit delete reply
dave columbus
Yes, Black Orchid was the queen of the wardrobe malfunction. And her and Spider Queen weren't alone in having costumes with potentially bad consequences. That cape is especially crazy for someone who roams around rooftops (I'm looking at you Batman.)
JMRonk edit delete reply
I like how this series has an old school feel to it!
dave columbus edit delete reply
dave columbus
JMRonk, go read Amazing Spider-Man #4 and you'll see the correlation. These are the books I grew up with thus the nostalgia.